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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions enhance the length, thickness, and fullness of natural lashes. Extensions will take years off your face, making the eyes look brighter and well rested.

Full Set (1 hr)                                                     $120

Volume (1-2 hrs)                                             $150


Lasts two to four weeks

Touch up in within two weeks   

full set     $60        volume     $70

Touch up in within three weeks

full set     $70         volume     $80

Eyelash Lift

Throw away your eyelash curler! Lash Perm is a semi-permanent treatment to create a long-lasting curl to naturally straight lashes. It really opens up your eyes and is great for those with already thick full lashes who just want some pop.


Eyelashes lifting natural eyelashes     $120

Eyelashes lifting & tinting                          $150

Eyelashes or eyebrows  tinting              $50


Lasts four to seven weeks

*depend on client activity lifestyle 

 (No Touch Up Required)

Before Getting Permanent Makeup or Eyelash, Extensions or

Eyelash Lift.  


Do come with a clean, make-up free face if possible. Avoid mascara the day of your appointment. It is best to have lashes applied by another provider removed prior to the first appointment at luxury lashes.

All new clients must start with a full set.

All new clients must start with a full set.


Skin Care

You’ll love the way our luxurious facials make you look and feel rejuvenated.


Short on Time (30 Min)                                    $65  

Experience our Short on Time package. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed with our classic facial.


Classic Facial (50 Min)                                      $100

Enjoy our rejuvenating signature facial featuring pure, luxurious products selected to address your skin’s needs.


Purifying Facial (60 Min)                                $120  

This facial is designed to clear congested pores and provide a more in-depth cleansing for problem skin. Your treatment includes an enzyme preparation, extractions, removal pimples and a specially formulated mask chosen for your skin.


Gentlemen's Facial (50 Min)                         $100

A facial designed just for you, using products with a masculine appeal.


Anti-Aging Facial (50 Min)                             $150  

An extraordinary treatment that increases hydration, assists in the production of collagen and elastin, decreases pigmentation and plumps up wrinkles. This facial includes an eye treatment serums and a specially formulated treatment for your skin.


Clarifying Back Treatment (50 Min)         $150

Enjoy a deep cleansing for the back. Repair, balance and purify with this targeted treatment.


Galvanic Facial, Ultrasound & Light (60 Min)   $200

To aid in the treatment of acne kills bacteria and possible skin infections. Utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines, leaving the skin firm and smooth.


Skin care


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup


Won’t smear, smudge or rub off.



Take back your time from brow pencils, and have the perfect look at all times, without the daily effort.


Powder Pigmentation                              $350

Micro Shading Pigmentation /           $450


3D Eyebrow Microblading                    $500

(Hair Strokes)

Combination 2 technique                      $650

Fixing brows / correcting brows

Small case                                                        $750

Difficult case                                                  $850

*Touch up not over 2 months

For fresh brows $200

For correcting brows $300

Touch up over 2  months = full price 


Treat these perfectly formed and colored lips like you

were born with them.  Apply traditional lip glosses and lipstick colors, or leave them “untouched” and perfect.


Lips Liner                                                          $350

Embre                                                                 $490

Full Lips                                                              $550

Lip correction dark lips / uneven tone $690

*second touch up not over2 months $200

Second touch up between 3-6 months $300

Touch up over 6 months = full price 


You will have that perfect line, always, no matter the time of day or night. Say goodbye to smudges, unevenness, imperfections; free yourself from the stress of having a steady hand for the most accurate eyeliner application. A subtle eyeliner in black or brown is appropriate for every day.


Eyeliners  Upper

Natural lids liner/inner per                   $450

Wings or thick liner                                   $550

Shadow wing ombre’                                 $590

Upper & lower eyes                                    $850

*Touch up not over 2 months $200

Over 2 months full price 



Eyebrows wax & trim                                        $25


Lip or Chin                                                                 $15


Full Back                                                                     $65


Chest                                                                            $50


Full Arms                                                                    $60


Half Arms                                                                  $40


Underarms                                                                $25


Bikini                                                                            $45


Brazilian                                                                     $55


Hollywood                                                                $70


Half Leg                                                                      $55


Full Leg                                                                        $70


New service is available!

New service is available! Skin Tags and Moles Remover 

  • Consultation needs


Other service


Makeup and Hair for Special Event


Services                                 Time                       Price
Bride/for women
Hair Only                               40-60 mins       $150

Makeup Only                       40-60 mins       $350

*Promotion Deal Hair & Makeup              $450*

Trail Hair and Makeup consultation needs  

Groom/for men
Hair Only                             15-20 mins          $80

Makeup Only                     20 mins                  $120

*Promotion Deal Hair & Makeup               $150*

A La Carte Services
Tattoo Covering                                                   $30+

False Lash Application                                      $25

Other services 

Face paint

Kids                                                                             $50 +

Adults                                                                         $80 +

Body paint                                                                $450+


Note: Travel fees and Tips (20%) are not included. 

Timing all depends on the styles and services. 

(Mostly 2 hrs that will be 1 hour for makeup + 1 hour for hair.) *Extra time is $50 per hour. 


We charge New York tax.  Credit card transaction fee may apply.



Other services

Aureole & Nipple reconstruction      $450 & up

Scalp Micro Pigmentation                      $400 & up

Body, Facial Scare & Stretch Marks  $400 & up

*Minimal Body Tattoo                                $100 & up


Permanent Cosmetic Makeup – Second touch up is required*

For the fresh eyebrows 

After first procedure within two months is $200 per session


For the fixing eyebrows 

After first procedure within two months is $300 per session


Body Tattoo – Second touch up is not required

*50% for refreshing tattoo charge within four months

  After 4 months will be charged full price 



Consultations $35 (30 minutes) are required for Permanent Makeup and Tattoo.


Consultations $35 (30 minutes) are required for Permanent Makeup and Tattoo.


* The $35 will go towards to your first session (within 3 months).


** First-time customers please add an extra 15 minutes to fill out the Questionnaire and sign the Consent form (if applicable).

Head Massage



(Head + Shoulder + Arms/hands+ Legs/feet)

•Thai style (No oil)

•Combo (Aroma oil)

•Face massage (*hands / jade)

•Feet massage 

$80 / 60 mins

$120 / 90 mins

$160 / 120 mins

t Makeup and Tattoo.


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